Designs and Content

This week we were able to test the route exteriors with the camera, which gave us a foundation to analyze potential problems with the project. We found that we may need to try using a stabilizer for the video footage, as the bouncing of unstabilized walking is a little nauseating. We also found that the amount of videos and photos caused the app to crash, so we’ll need to find an alternative way of loading the assets within Unity.

App icon design

I continued to work in Photoshop to test out some app icon and portal designs. The icon is looking pretty good so far, but

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.06.23 PM
Portal possibility

I’m still wrestling with the portals. I think they should gel well enough with the app design, but I’m still wrestling with how to make them portal-looking and not cheesy. It’s a lot to imagine without any context, though we’re talking about playing around a bit with animations, so if the user gazes at a portal, it will move or become colored or something. We want something clean-looking and easily understood, but I think we may have to wait until we have a full test run-through of the route before nailing down the design.

Finally, I worked with Jill to begin writing the content for the project. She’s gathered a lot of the historical facts about Trinity and its place within Irish history, so now it’s time to begin putting those facts in narrations. We’ve decided to scrap the timeline idea in lieu of an intro video that succinctly introduces Trinity in the cultural and historical context of Ireland, but there’s so much information that being able to pare it down and keep it interesting may be a challenge. I’m also looking forward to the possibility of using After Effects to use visual effects in the POIs and the intro video in order to make the experience more immersive.



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